Nybble User Manual
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1 🧘‍♂️ Tools and Preparation

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1.1 Preparation

Prepare a clean desk and some small boxes to unzip the package. Take a picture of the kit contents in case you lost something later.
It’s better to work in a room without carpet or textured mosaic. Little screws and springs can magically hide themselves if dropped onto the ground.

1.2 Tools and accessories

Utility knife
Cut the tabs holding the wooden puzzle pieces
Sanding paper/foam
Remove pointy fibers
Flat and Phillips screwdrivers
For M2 (diameter = 2mm) screws
A Windows/Mac/Linux Computer
Install the latest Arduino IDE or the Desktop App
USB to mini USB cable
Connect the uploader to computer. Not micro USB
Don’t mix with regular AA batteries (1.5V)!
The capacity should be around 800mAh.
Smart charger for batteries
Wrong charger may cause danger!
Soldering iron w/ accessories
HC-05 bluetooth module
Color paints
Give your Nybble a unique look
3D printer w/ accessories
Add your special design
Arduino/Raspberry Pi kit
Add more gadgets to Nybble
Test and debug
Test and debug
Hot glue/super glue
Avoid using them. OpenCat is designed to be soft!